Disabling auto start-stop system: Permanently disabled

In this mode, the automatic engine starts and stop system would be set off every time the engine is started. Function will only be activated when switching to eco pro mode or pushing the auto start-stop system activation/deactivation button. When switching the engine off and on again, the system would be turned off again, the light diode on the start-stop button will indicate that the system is off.

Disabling auto start-stop system: Remember the last state of the system

In this mode, the automatic engine starts and stop system would remain in the same state it was in before switching off the engine last time. If the system was off last time the engine was stopped, it would still be off when starting the engine next time.

Automatically close window when door is open

This function allows user to automatically shut the window when the door is open. Initially, when the door was opened the window could be lifted only by holding down the button. With this function activated the window can be lifted by pressing the button once, like with the closed door.

Halo headlights in parking lights mode are as bright as in the DRL mode

This function allows to get 100% of halo headlight brightness, like with the daytime running lights, in parking lights mode. This would be useful if it is preferred that the rear lights are also on during daytime.

Activate door handles backlight when in reverse gear

This function allows to activate the lights in outer door handles when moving in reverse. This function is useful during the dark to get more attention from the pedestrians and cars nearby.

Detachment of the diode interior lightning from under the control of the brightness wheel on the instrument cluster

Detachment allows using the brightness wheel to control the brightness of instrument cluster only, other lightning, also the head unit, will have 100% of brightness power, if user wishes, the brightness of other lightning can be changed from the iDrive head unit.

The fog lights go off when the high beam is switched on

This option, if the fog lights are on, turns them off when high beam lights are switched on. Turning high beam lights off the fog lights are switched back on.

Headlight washers and windscreen wipers settings

Allows to adjust the headlight washers settings, change the number of impulses needed to activate the headlight washers (default value 2), change the wipers activations period between watering or completely switch off the headlight washers.

Switching on and off the daytime running lights

When this function is activated user can switch the daytime running lights on and off from the head unit. In the "Light setting" menu the "Daytime running lights" option is added. When turning that option off in the head unit the daytime running lights would not go on in the 0 or AUTO mode, halo headlights will switch on in parking lights mode with half of the maximum brightness.

Sport indicators

If this option is active it is possible to view the horsepower and torque made by the engine when accelerating. In the "Vehicle condition" menu the „Sport indicators“ option will be added, also the option will appear when switching to sport or sport+ mode. Function only works on CIC and NBT systems, on small monitors the graphs will appear but would not work.

Video from USB, only for NBT

While this option is activated it is possible to view videos from the USB drive, also from external hard disk drives. System supports lots of different video data formats, also the function for saving the videos in internal memory of head unit can be activated.

Disabling the unfastened seatbelt warning signal when ignition is on

Disabling this option disables the sound signal and graphic warning which appear on instrument cluster if the seatbelt is unfastened. The red indicator would still be lit on the instrument cluster indicating to unfastened seatbelt, and if the vehicle starts moving the sound signal ang graphic warning will appear caused by unfastened seatbelt.

Disabling the unfastened seatbelt warning signal during movement

Disabling this option disables the unfastened seatbelt warning signal when ignition is on and when the vehicle is moving, also the red indicator on the instrument cluster will disappear.

Turn lights: turning on fog lights when steering a steering wheel

Activating this option makes it possible to illuminate the surroundings when the turn is performed. This option by default is activated on VAG group and Mercedes cars. When the low beam lights are turned on, fog lights will go on on the side in which the turn is going to be performed or the side on which the turn blinkers are activated. This function is useful during the dark time because the fog lights have good side lighting and allows driver to see possible obstacles when making a turn or turning back.

Display current speed on the BC in the instrument cluster

Activating this function allows driver to see current speed on the BC in a digital format.

Deleting an empty option from the BC

This option removes an empty option from the BC. When scrolling through the options of the BC the empty option would not be displayed.

M-Performance logo on the dashboard (only for high-end clusters)

Allows to change the greeting and good-bye standard logo for the M-Performance logo.

When DRL are activated also the taillights are turned on

Adding this option activates taillights when driving during daytime with the daytime lights mode turned on. If the daytime running lights are turned off (option previously activated) also the taillights are turned off.

Turning off the hot and cold check of the lightbulbs

Disables the OK check for the incandescent lamps, which is needed when installing LED’s. Since LED lamps have low resistivity the light control module detects the lightbulb to be faulty and displays the warning on the instrument cluster, after that module turns off the control over lamp and turns back on the check function, the light starts to blink. For correct work of the LED’s the check has to be disabled and the LED-mode should be activated, the check can be deactivated for every lamp individually.

ECO PRO as default mode

This makes and eco pro mode the default mode after starting an engine instead of comfort mode.

Adding the sport+ mode

Sport+ mode is added to the existing „eco pro, comfort and sport“ modes. A distinctive feature of the sport+ mode from the sport mode is that the while the sport mode is on the stability control is limited. Without this mode the whole potential of the power and slides cannot be achieved. While the normal sport mode is on the stability control is active. When in sport mode and trying to toggle off the stability control the car will automatically switch to comfort mode with limited torque power and indicate to it on the head unit.

Configuring the Sport mode

From the mode settings menu the configuration of smart mode becomes available when the sport or sport+ modes are activated. In the menu there are three options of units that can be switched to sport mode – engine and gearbox, only engine or only gearbox.

Neutral run

In this mode, when the driver releases the accelerator pedal, the gearbox switches to neutral gear. When the accelerator is pressed the gearbox changes to suitable gear and continues to drive as normal.

Vehicle arming/disarming confirmation sound signal

This option adds „Sound confirmation“ option to the „Locking settings“ menu. If this option is activated then when locking the car from the key the confirmation sound from the built-in siren. This feature is only available on the vehicles with a built-in car alarm system. To make sure that the vehicle has alarm system the rearview mirror should be examined. Beneath the mirror there should be half round piece. If it is black (not transparent) then the car has no alarm system. If the half round piece is transparent and blinks periodically when car is locked then the car has the alarm system, and the confirmation signal function can be activated.

Prohibition of disarming the alarm system from the outer key fob

This function is available only with vehicles that have the option 877 built-in. With this prohibition activated it would not possible to deactivate the alarm system by turning the outer key fob with a key or screwdriver.

Cruise control function

Adding the adaptive cruise control option. To implement this function the buttons on the steering wheel have to be replaced or added. The instrument cluster has to be checked if it supports the function (regular clusters). All high-end clusters support it.

Unblocking TV and DVD in motion

Unlocking video preview during motion allows to view the video in motion and the video does not disappear on the start of the movement. Also, the internet and live would not be disabled in motion.

Display the current gear in S-mode

Activating this function allows to display current gear that is selected in the automatic gearbox. In the S-mode instead of DS - S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8 will be displayed.

Climate control button AUTO would not turn on the conditioning

When switching from manual to automatic climate control the air conditioner would not be automatically turned on. Air conditioner can be toggled manually.

Turning off head unit when the door is opened

After stopping the engine and opening the door the head units shuts down. By default, the head unit switches off after closing the car from the key.

Change the NBT Start Animation

Allows user to change the start animation of the NBT head unit. 5 different animations available.

Display volume bar on the head unit

Activating this option allows user to see volume bar on the head unit when the volume level is changed.

Closing the trunk lid from the key button or the button in the car

Activating this option allows user to close the trunk lid using the key button or the button placed in the car.

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