Oil changing

Changing the engine oil is one of the most important aspects of extending the life of the engine. Parts and mechanisms of reciprocating and rotary internal combustion engines constantly interact (work) in friction mode with each other. Therefore, in order to avoid wear of rubbing elements, it is necessary to use a special lubricating fluid - engine oil.

Why you need to change the engine oil?

During operation, the lubricating properties of engine oil deteriorate:

  • Viscosity changes
  • The concentration of foreign impurities increases, which have an abrasive effect on engine parts;
  • The lubricating properties of the oil deteriorate.

The frequency of oil change is set by car manufacturers and is indicated in the technical documentation. In most cases, under normal operating conditions, the replacement interval is 10,000 - 15,000 km, but at least once a year.

Oil change is carried out more often than the indicated periods in case of operation in severe conditions:

  • long engine idle;
  • operation of the vehicle in dusty, sandy conditions, on roads sprinkled with salt and other anti-icing agents;
  • operation on roads without hard surface;
  • operation in a busy urban cycle more than 50% of the time;
  • regular trailer towing;
  • taxi or patrol cars.

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