Replacing the Timing Belt (Toothed Belt)

The timing belt (toothed belt) is used to rotate the crankshaft and camshaft in the correct ratio to each other. A very important element in the motor, which cannot be dispensed with, in most cases a broken belt leads to a partial repair of the motor (repair of the cylinder head) or in rare cases, the replacement or repair of the entire engine. The belt is changed according to the regulations set by the manufacturer. On all brands and models in different ways, on average from 60-180,000 km or every 5-10 years. The belt is changed as a set with all the rollers and the tensioner, it is also necessary to replace the water pump, which in most cars is driven by the same belt.

Call our specialists and find out at what mileage on your car you need to replace the belt.

We recommend changing the belt if:

  • Time to replace the belt (temporary or mileage)
  • If you bought a car and do not know or doubt when the timing belt was changed
  • If some oil has got on the belt, for example, due to a leak from the motor
  • If the belt was removed from the motor due to any repairs (except if it was changed recently)

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